Criminal/Traffic Fees

Effective as of October 1, 2022

General Court Fees:  
Witness Fee $6.00/half day
Issuance of Subpoena $15.00
BAT (breath test) $5.00
Urine Test/Blood Test OVI $80.00
Bailiff Fee $5.00
Interlock Fee (state mandated) $2.50
Expungment Fee $75.00
Bench Warrant Fee $50.00
BMV & NRVC Fee $25.00
Garnishment Fee $100.00
Continuance Fee $10.00
Jury Fees $30.00/day per juror
(includes all jurors called the first day of Trial)
Returned Check Fee $25.00
Bail Surcharge (state mandated) $25.00
Public Defender Application Fee (state mandated) $25.00
Appeal: Made Payable to Court of Appeals $150.00
Appeal: Made Payable to Huron Municipal Court $25.00
Restitution A 5% surcharge is assessed to all restitution payments received through the court
Probation Fees:  
Probation Fees: 6 months: $200.00
1 Year: $300.00
2 Years or greater: $600.00
Drug Testing $10.00
Diversion $50.00/month
Underage Diversion Fee $50.00
Community Service $10.00/4 hours