Civil Fees

Effective as of March 1, 2015

Civil Action (1 Defendant) - $10.00 each addl defendant
(includes transfers from another court)
Civil Eviction (1 Defendant) - $10.00 each addl defendant
(includes transfers from another court)
Small Claims (1 Defendant - $10.00 each addl defendant) $65.00
2nd Attempt at Service for any Civil or Small Claim $15.00
Cross-Claim, Cross-Complaint, Counterclaim or Third-Party Complaint $40.00
Amended Complaint when service is required $25.00
Subpoena (witness fees and service)
(witness mileage at .10 per mile)
Bailiff fee $5.00
Debtor's Exam/Show Cause Order $40.00
Garnishments for Personal Earnings $100.00
Bank Garnishments/Other than Personal Earnings
(Note: ORC requires $1.00 check made payable to Garnishee to Accompany garnishment)
Executions (Deposit Only) $130.00
Certificate of Judgment $15.00
Certified Copy $2.00
All Jury Demand Deposits $750.00
Cost to Call a Jury $100.00
Juror Costs (per day as set by Erie County) $30.00
Appeal: Made Payable to Court of Appeals $150.00
Appeal: Made Payable to Huron Municipal Court $25.00
Cognovit Note-Attorney signature $25.00
Reopen dormant case $25.00
Petition for Driving Priv while under suspension
(12pt, FRA, reinstatement fee)
Transfer Small Claims to Civil Docket $20.00
Fee to Issue Civil Warrant $15.00
Continuance Fee $10.00